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We've been in the interactive and creative industry for a combined 50 years plus - most of them were mine.

In that time we've covered a fair range of work and you're welcome to play around with some samples and take a look at the credit list.

Most web-sites have a purpose, usually to sell something or to build awareness.

Well we're not particularly looking for work so I guess we're an exception and are basically filling the space whilst causing the least possible offence...

Naturally if you have an unusual project to talk about we'll always listen.

Credit List

The Kidnapped Princes

The Greatest Toyshop on Earth

Toyshop II

The Treasure Hunt

The Wreck of the Blue Lagoon

The President's Laptop"

Felix the Cat

Project Forest


The Ultimate Noahs Ark



Manage Your Boss

Making Money Work

Face Kitchen


BBC Domesday Project

Torso Talk

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