The Opening Movie

Chapter one - Abigail is misssing

The Queen sings of her longing

The team begin their quest

Kidnapped Princess


 In the states it was called The Mystery of the Missing Princess as society was too troubled by real-life kidnappings.

Our roles were as creators, writers (stage directions, dialogue, help, music and songs) directors (visual and audio) including initial interactive design, background commissioning, animation set up and quality control.

We were emplyed to run the children's animation studio.

The title was published in five European languages.

This interactive mystery story allowed young people to progress only by completing set puzzles and games that interrupted the action. The piece was a major work of animation and interactive design and took two years to build.

The design called for some 10,000 backrounds which was way beyond what the budget could bear. the solution was to employ a team of theatre set designers frfom the RSC to build a complete 1/12th scale model of an entire castle complete with all props. This was then phographed from a track with one of the first digital cameras. Outdoor backgrounds were painted in the same style and the whole piece worked well. You can see for yourself.

The king was played by John Standing, the Queen by Rula Lenska, the Duck by John Geurassio and Longsword by Tim McInnerny

And the closing Movie

A deeper plot emerges

Just an old fashioned love song

The plot thickens

All is finally revealed

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