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We've been in the interactive and creative industry for a combined 50 years plus - oh dear, I feel old.

In that time we've covered a fair range of work and you're welcome to play around with some samples and take a look at the credit list.

Most web-sites have a purpose, usually to sell something or to build awareness.

Well we're not particularly looking for work so I guess we're an exception and are basically filling the space as that's what one does...

Naturally if you have an unusual project to talk about we'll always here.

The Greatest Toyshop on Earth

A long time ago one of the partners wrote a story of the same name. It was about a shop keeper who was just a bit out of the ordinary.

The story quickly became an interactive script and was picked up by an emerging CD-ROM industry in the form of Omnimedia PLC.

The partners became heavilly involved not only with the creative aspects of the title but also in managing the studio on a day to day basis. They were creators, writers (stage directions, dialogue, music and songs), directors, character design, interactive design, background commissions, animation production.

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Further Information:

The disc came aboout asa a result of one of the partners noticing how enthusiastically his then six year old spent time at the computer. Based on the science section of the National Curriculum for schools, The Greatest Toyshop on Earth was much praised for its innovation and style and for it's 'fun-learning' concept.

When installed the software would monitor a child's progress through key stage one of the National Curriculum for schools without them ever knowing. A parent could then log in and see how they were getting on and take advantage of a further reading section which explained exactly what the NC was attempting to teach

It was published in nine European languages for PC and MAC.


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